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British Junior Open (G) 2024 Mi, 03. - So, 07. 01. 2024
Birmingham, Edgbaston Pr.
Gender(s) allowed
Age class(es) allowed Juniors
Mode Single
Closing date of entries So, 12. 11. 2023
Start of tournament Mi, 03. 01. 2024
First matches will begin at 09:00
End of tournament So, 07. 01. 2024
Place/Venue Edgbaston Pr.
Sir Harrys Road
B15 2UZ Edgbaston   GBR
Players enter at their own risk
No liability is assumed by promoter/host/organiser
All info subject to change by promoter/host/organiser
Juniors under 19 must wear approved eye protection whenever on court
No responsibility is taken for correctness of the info provided - The official announcement shall be exclusively applicable