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Dutch Junior Open (G) 2024 Do, 04. - So, 07. 07. 2024
Amsterdam, Frans-Otten-St.
Gender(s) allowed
Age class(es) allowed Juniors
Mode Single
Closing date of entries Sa, 01. 06. 2024
Start of tournament Do, 04. 07. 2024
First matches will begin at 09:00
End of tournament So, 07. 07. 2024
Place/Venue Frans-Otten-St.
Ijsbaanpad 43
1076 CV Amsterdam   NED
Players enter at their own risk
No liability is assumed by promoter/host/organiser
All info subject to change by promoter/host/organiser
Juniors under 19 must wear approved eye protection whenever on court
No responsibility is taken for correctness of the info provided - The official announcement shall be exclusively applicable